What are the areas to pay attention to when using conveyor belts for mobile belt conveyors?

What are the areas to pay attention to when using conveyor belts for mobile belt conveyors?

1.The type, structure and layer of conveyor belt of belt conveyor should be selected according to the use condition.

2, adhesive tape conveyor belt operation speed should not be greater than2.5Meters/Second, large block size, large wear-resistant materials should use a fixed force-type unloading device, should be used as low as possible.

3, Belt conveyor conveyor belt in transport and storage, should be kept clean, to avoid direct sunlight or rain and snow leaching, to prevent and acid-base oil, such as organic solvents and other substances contact, and distance heating device1Meters.

4, the rubber belt should shorten the idler spacing and adopt the cushion roller, in order to prevent leakage, with the side should be soft and appropriate block plate, so as to avoid the material, scraping the belt of the conveyor belt, the feed azimuth should conform to the direction of the tape, in order to reduce the impact of the material on the tape should be used chute, reduce the material drop distance.

5, belt Conveyor's transmission roller diameter and conveyor belt cloth layer relations, the transmission drum, the alignment roller matching and the request to the bracket angle should according to the conveyer design stipulation, the reasonable choice.

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