C-Type Induction hoist

C-Type Induction hoist

The C-type induction hoist (also known as the C-type without crushing fighter hoist) drive the active chain wheel rotation, active chain roulette drive chain operation, the need for storage of materials from the hopper into the bucket, bucket with the transmission chain to the upper end of the C-type hoist rack, The protruding block on the side wall of the bucket is flipped after collision with the rotating wheel, and the material is thrown in the silo; The invention has the advantages of convenient operation, high working efficiency, and can fully realize automation. Anhui Induction Type Lift Machine Hefei Induction Elevator in the country enjoy a high visibility, so the national friends, there is a need to induce the elevator to Hefei, Hefei is true, the Golden Valley, welcome you to come to visit the study to negotiate!

Hefei Golden Grain Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.C-Type Induction hoist(also known as the C-type no broken fighter hoist) applicable to food and medicine food feed and chemical sectors of the vertical lifting of granular materials. Hoist through the chain drive to promote the hopper, for vertical delivery of particles and small block of materials, with a large increase in the high level of lifting the advantages

C-type Induction hoist:

Lifting heightLifting heightM


Highly based on customer requirements



Lifting AmountLifting volume per hourT


Varies according to the material output


Can be customized according to customer requirements


Stainless steel material or carbon steel

With the material contact part with food grade non-toxic plastic

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